Monday, December 20, 2010

My Two Week Love Romance(s)

My dear little romances, you  have been lovely. But you really have got to go. You've given me heart flitters, rosy cheeks, and someone to sleep next to- occasionally. I was grateful for your little reminder- that love is out there for me. And that I m still capable to feel it. Feel gitty, feel girly, feel that excitement when a telephone rings. But really, you got to go.

It's coming up on a New Year you see- and if you follow me well, that would just be redundant. We can both agree on that now can't we?  I've got to get rid of you in order to make room for something bigger, grander, greater. Sure, you've been fun. But I need more than fun. You've really been lovely- but I'm looking for love. 

It's been quite a ride my little romances. But the ride is now over. I've got to make a break from you before I become broken. You've begun to get on my nerves and you are waring on me. You were useful for a time, and I do ever so thank you for that. But now you are just useless. 

I'll remember you fondly romances- you helped me pass the time away I guess. You taught me a thing or two about love and lust. And after all of your two weeks dances, I really prefer love. So you see, you gotta go. You can't follow me into this New Year, or the year after. I'm leaving you my two week romance- you can keep the bric-a-brac, I'll keep your memories with me always and my passion for something, well- longer.

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